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Hey you! Welcome to GlitterSkies.org, Nathalie's fanlisting collective. If you have never heard of fanlistings before, you may want to head over to The Fanlistings Network and read the TFL 101. All the fanlistings you will find here are approved by either The Fanlistings Network, The Anime Fanlistings Network or The Physical Fanlistings Network.

GlitterSkies.org is currently home to 68 fanlistings with a total of 9587 members. The member amount continues to grow with an average of 2.67 per day. You will also find links to 483 fanlistings which I have joined myself. And before you leave, don't forget to pay a visit to Midnight Sun, a vampire fanlisting directory hosted here.

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Collective & Fanlistings Updates

Feb 7, 2009: RAINBOW Revamped!

The fanlisting for the song RAINBOW by Ayumi Hamasaki has a new layout (which I really love)! :D


Feb 3, 2009: 2 New, 1 Revamped

I’ve adopted the fanlisting for Inu Yasha’s Rin from Nissie, and I was also lucky to be approved for Singing in the Music Miscellany category! :D Aside from that, I also made a new layout for Inu Yasha Fanart to celebrate reaching 100 members, and for DVD Extras featuring the upcoming Twilight Special Edition DVD.


Jan 30, 2009: 1 New, 1 Revamped

My newest fanlisting is now the one for Bella Swan & Charlie Swan from Twilight. Also, I made a new layout for Gackt (physical). :)


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