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Short biography

My name is Nathalie, I'm 26 years old and I live in Belgium.

In my free time, I love playing video games that are story-heavy, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KotOR, Telltale games and so on. The one exception to the rule would be Hearthstone, which is strangely addictive!

I'm also a big fan of anything Japanese or Korean, and tend to know more about the Asian music industry than I do the western one. In the past few years, I've started shelling out the money to travel to London or Paris for Japanese concerts. So far I've seen X JAPAN, Perfume and VAMPS in action, and I cherish the autograph I managed to get from Hyde and K.A.Z last summer.

Lastly, I love animals and am very much a cat person. The little kitten my parents found all by itself after hearing meowing for a day or two is currently pampered way too much my favourite thing in the world.

What fanlistings mean to me

The thing I love the most about owning fanlistings is getting to turn my passion for the subject into a tiny tribute website. I'm no good at making professional looking designs, but I do love creating minimal fandom-based ones. I strive to be able to do every subject justice.

Joined fanlistings are nice because they let you summarise everything you enjoy in one location. Every piece of food, every TV show, every place... All of them can be found on my domain with cute little 75x50 buttons!