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Piper's Powers

Piper's inherited power is the power of temporal stasis, or also referred to as molecular inhibition. This primarily gives her the ability to 'freeze' objects in motion by slowing down their molecular movement rate to such a point where they appear not to move. The trigger of this power is panic and Piper had to make hand gestures to cause things to freeze or unfreeze which became a big flaw because if Piper's hands were tied up, she'd be powerless. Piper at first could only freeze everything in her immediate location (within the room she was in) and the freeze would only last for a few seconds. She later learned to freeze and unfreeze on command, and selectively choose parts of objects to freeze or unfreeze. She could also freeze and unfreeze certain objects and subjects (like every innocent in the room). This power would keep growing stronger so that Piper can freeze for longer, and in a larger range of area around her. The phrase temporal stasis has been confused as a misused word for this ability but it actually is what the ability does (temporal means over a period of time and or denoting time and stasis is a state of balance between forces (equilibrium), and inactivity.)

Later, she developed the more offensive power of blowing things up. This power works by speeding up the molecules of the desired object to the point where they separate with an explosive action. It uses a similar hand motion as she does for freezing and thus, she was hesitant to use either power initially, not knowing whether her targets will freeze in place or explode into bits. As with freezing, Piper learned to master this power and can attack with better precision. This ability is known as Molecular Combustion.

However, both powers are reliant on both her hands (to do the blasting/freezing motion) and her eyes (because she needs to see what she is actually freezing/blowing up), and quite a few creatures (good and evil) are resistant or immune to her powers (For example, when she attempted to use her power on Cole Turner/Belthazor, all that she managed to do was send him flying back a few feet rather than actually destroy him).

Like the other Charmed Ones, Piper can also brew magical potions and recite/write spells. She is best at making potions, as predicted by Grams in 1997 before she died from a heart attack, because Piper is a natural-born and university-trained chef.

Phoebe's Powers

Initially, she has the power of premonition (and to an extent, psychometry, where her contact with objects shows her visions of the past). Later, she developed the powers of levitation and empathy. After being stripped of those powers for a few months, she has recently regained her ability to receive premonitions. She has stated that she doesn't really miss the other abilities all that much.

It is unlikely she will regain the power of levitation for financial reasons on the show, and it is said that she might regain her empathy because fans did not like seeing her powerless and weak on the show. It is unclear whether or not Phoebe has her empathic abilities back, but the most likely answer is no. There have been several times where her empathic ability would have been useful, but she did not use it. Her empathic abilities also allowed her to channel her enemies' powers and send them back, much like telekinesis.

Paige's Powers

Like Prue, Paige has the power of Telekinesis. However, it works differently due to her Whitelighter side, when she calls the name of an object it will orb to her. For instance if a Demon threw a fireball at her, she would hold out her hand toward it, yell "Fireball!" and be able to orb it away from herself, or even right back at the demon who threw it. She does not have to be terribly accurate with the words she uses, being able to orb away some acidic demon spit with the words "Icky stuff". She also orbs a shuriken away from Phoebe Halliwell with the words "Weapon..Thingy!" This is the first person ever known in good magic to have this power, as she was the first whitelighter/witch. This is called Telekinetic Orbing. She has shown signs of power advancement like when she orbed Excalibur without calling for it to the attic in a season six episode. However, this was one of the only times she did it. Also, in season eight, in the episode "Repo Manor" she could orb the dollhouse to the attic without saying anything. It is evident that Paige can now orb people and demons to any location by saying the location, for example, she orbed Phoebe back to the manor by saying, "Manor!" Another orbing advancement through the years came in her ability to orb things away and seemingly making them disappear.

Her Whitelighter side allows her to use Whitelighter powers such as orbing, glamouring (changing one's appearance),healing (after the recent episode "Payback's a Witch," Paige gained this ability. This is a major advancement because for a long time the show explained her inability to heal with being a "half-whitelighter." But due to the fact that she has started to work for the Elders as a whitelighter, it is likely that that is the reason for the advancement), and sensing people. Due to her being a Charmed One, Paige can write and cast powerful spells as well as make potions.