"The Vampire Lestat" Fanlisting
Welcome to Rock Redefined, the The Fanlistings Network listed fanlisting for Satan's Night Out / The Vampire Lestat, the fictional vampire-fronted band featured in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series. This fanlisting is owned by Nathalie and part of Glitterskies.org. Feel free to have a look around the site and join the listing if you are a fan.

"The Vampire Lestat" Fanlisting Statistics

The "The Vampire Lestat" fanlisting was adopted from Lucy and is listed at TheFanlistings.org and TheMovieListings.org. It was last updated on the 12th April 2021. There are currently 856 approved fans from 63 different countries, with also 0 fan(s) waiting to be added. Welcome to our most recently joined member(s), Bianca.

Links & Credits

I was approved to run this fanlisting by Lucy on the 1st of March 2007. The layout was done by me in Photoshop using a fan wallpaper of the band I found on my pc (if you know who made it, please let me know). To contact me about this fanlisting, go visit the contact page.


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