Main characters

Note: All these were written by Also, there might be some spoilers ahead so don't read this if you're planning on finding everything out for yourself.

Sebastian LaCroix

A French Ventrue of at least 180 years of age, LaCroix is the Prince of the L.A. Camarilla, which only recently moved back in to the Los Angeles area. Aside from serving as an officer of unknown rank in the employ of Napoleon, he is also the head of the LaCroix Foundation, and resides in the Venture Tower in Downtown L.A., commanding from his penthouse office.

The Sheriff

The Sheriff is LaCroix's personal enforcer. At seven-feet in height, he towers over everyone else. He is of indiscernible clan lineage, closest match being the Nagloper clan of Africa (He uses Animalism early on, and seems to use Vicissitude; the Naglopers have Auspex, Vicissitude and Animalism) but in a particular sequence he has been shown to seemingly teleport, an ability the Naglopers don't have. He never speaks, and has animalistic physical traits, like dark leathery skin. LaCroix recruited him out of Africa about 100 years ago. He carries an extremely large sword used for both combat and execution purposes, and has the ability to shape shift into a gigantic bat called a Chiropteran Behemoth (The closest matching power is Chiropteran Marauder, a Vicissitude ability, but it seems to have been exaggerated for the purpose of serving as a game boss).


The famed intellectual adventurer from the World of Darkness, Beckett appears in L.A. on the genuine pretext of investigating the Ankaran Sarcophagus, hoping to examine it firsthand and debunk any "superstitious nonsense" surrounding it. He is a Gangrel of at least 300 years of age.


A ghoul in his late 50s that works on the behalf of LaCroix, based out of Santa Monica. He specializes in acquiring contraband goods such as high-grade explosives or weaponry. Physical appearance places him as someone under half his actual age due to his ghoulism.

Nines Rodriguez

A Brujah that lived through the Great Depression, he is the virtual leader of the Anarchs in downtown L.A. and elsewhere. The Depression era ingrained into him a belief that people in power cannot be trusted at all, and from this stems his intense hatred of the Camarilla. He strives to maintain L.A. as an Anarch Free State. His hatred for the Camarilla is second to his hatred for the Kuei-Jin in Chinatown who killed the last leader of the Anarchs.

Smiling Jack

A Brujah brawler and a notable Anarch from the nights of the Anarch Free States, Smiling Jack is the one who teaches you the basics during the game's tutorial sequence. Speaks extremely crudely, but his beliefs and willingness to take action make him a likable person. Fiercely independent and roguishly charismatic, he is seen by the common vampire folk as an undead legend. It is rumored that Jack, during his life, was a pirate in some capacity. According to White Wolf books, Smiling Jack is approximately 400 years old, and is one of the most (in)famous members of his clan.

Therese/Jeanette Voerman

Jeanette is the game's signature character whose likeness is displayed on the game's box. She can be found in Santa Monica at the Asylum club, which she runs with her sister Therese, Baron of Santa Monica. They share an interesting love-hate relationship. Eventually, it becomes clear that Therese/Jeanette is a Malkavian, with two personalities inhabiting the same body; the player is given the opportunity to either help destroy one of these personalities or to help the two sisters reconcile and coexist peacefully.


Nosferatu leader who lurks in their shared haven under the Hollywood Graveyard, "Gorgeous" Gary is believed to have been a handsome movie star in life, but arrogance and good looks are a dangerous combination to have when there are Nosferatu around. Now hideous and stealthy like the rest of the clan, but also sarcastic and possessed of a fine feeling for grotesque, Gary is a character who also knows many secrets in the City of Angels - and may share them with anyone, for the right price.