Lestat script


Lestat, a young, independent and strong-willed aristocrat, is an outsider in his own family. His mother, Gabrielle, urges him to escape the family and their oppressive way of life, so Lestat and his childhood friend Nicolas run away to Paris where they thrive working in the theatre.

Just as Lestat has found acceptance and happiness, the vampire Magnus snatches Lestat from his mortal life and gives him the Dark Gift of immortality. Magnus then throws himself into a fire leaving Lestat with no one to guide him in his new existence. Lestat refuses to be doomed by the situation, but he is caught in a moral dilemma because he is a moral man who now must kill to live. As a vampire, Lestat suffers from loneliness, but he will not make Nicolas into a vampire because he loves him. He does, however, give his mother the Dark Gift on her deathbed.

Lestat and Gabrielle encounter the vampire Armand who controls a small coven of vampires. Armand takes Nicolas as bait to ensnare Lestat and Gabrielle and, in retaliation, Lestat frees the coven vampires from their miserable existence by offering them a more enlightened way of life. Nicolas finally convinces Lestat to grant him immortality, but he does not have the mental stamina for the vampire life and he sinks into an almost catatonic state.

To help the coven survive among mortals, Lestat gives them the theatre as their sanctuary. Armand warns Lestat that he will eventually go mad if he continues to live among mortals. But Lestat does not heed the warning and his arrogance prevents him from seeing Armand's anger and resentment.

Lestat and Gabrielle journey through Europe, Greece and Egypt in search of the ancient vampire Marius, Armandís creator, in the hopes that he can show them how to survive eternity. Armand writes Lestat informing him Nicolas has committed suicide. Gabrielle desires to be free of all mortal ties and she leaves Lestat for the natural world beyond mankind. Suffering a double blow of guilt and loss, Lestat seeks solace in the earth.

Time passes until at last, Marius appears from out of the sky and pulls Lestat from the earth.


Marius heals Lestat by allowing him to drink his ancient blood, and serves as his mentor. Marius won't speak of Akasha and Enkil, the mother and father of all vampires, nor will he give Lestat the answers he seeks. Instead, he sends Lestat out to live a complete human lifetime which will enable him to come to terms with his existence as a vampire.

In the New World Lestat impulsively makes Louis into a vampire because he reminds him of Nicolas. Louis becomes filled with guilt and remorse and Lestat tries to ease his pain by making Claudia, a young girl, into a vampire. Claudia makes Louis happy and the little vampire family thrives for thirty years.

As Claudia matures, she grows bitter and vengeful against Lestat for trapping her in a child's body forever. Without Louis knowing, Claudia carries out a plot to "murder" Lestat by drugging him and slitting his throat. But she doesnít understand that a vampire cannot die in the mortal way. Louis protects her by burning the house down as Lestat lays on the floor begging for help.

Three years later, Lestat finally has gained the strength to return to Europe. He goes to Armand full of remorse for the mistakes heís made. Armand does not let on that both Louis and Claudia have joined the vampire coven at the theatre. Armand lays a trap and takes the unsuspecting Lestat to a performance where he sees Claudia and Louis performing in a "vampire" play. Despite Lestatís protests, Claudia is tried and executed by the coven for attempting to kill Lestat. Devastated by the loss of their child, Louis leaves Lestat forever.

Armand admits to Lestat that he orchestrated Claudia's death purely for revenge. Lestat retaliates by telling Armand that Marius has nothing but disdain for him and feels great remorse for giving him the gift of immortality. Enraged, Armand throws Lestat from the rooftop. Marius resurrects Lestat for the second time and transports him to his sanctuary in Greece. Lestat tells Marius that he has come to terms with what he is. He knows he must face eternity alone and he vows never to make another vampire and never to kill the innocent.

Satisfied that Lestat has found his own moral compass, Marius reveals a hidden vault where he safeguards Enkil and Akasha, the mother and father of all vampires. Thousands of years old, they are like living statues. True to his nature, Lestat boldly kisses Akasha on the lips. Akasha responds by allowing him to drink from her. Through her sacred blood, Lestat gains enlightenment and a renewed state of grace. He understands that he is connected to all vampires throughout time and he will never be alone because all those heís loved and lost will remain with him forever. Lestat is finally at peace.

Eventually, Lestat grows tired of living in the shadows and he decides to break the most sacred of the vampire laws...to tell his story to the world.