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Hello and welcome to Galactic Importance, the The Fanlistings Network listed fanlisting for the video game Mass Effect! This fanlisting is for the first game in the trilogy specifically. It is owned by Nathalie and part of Glitterskies.org.

Mass Effect is a science fiction action role-playing game developed by BioWare and released in 2007. It follows the story of Commander Shepard, a human soldier tasked with stopping a rogue agent from unleashing a deadly race of machines upon the galaxy. The game features a deep, immersive storyline and memorable characters that have made it a classic in the genre.

Fanlisting update: 31st May 2024

We are now listing 16 approved fans from 9 different countries, with also 0 fans waiting to be added to the listing. Welcome to our newest member(s), Medli.

This fanlisting was opened on 05th December 2015 and is listed at The Fanlistings Network in the Games category.

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