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About is Nathalie's fanlisting collective, and was originally registered in September of 2008. The name "Glitter Skies" refers to the stars which are like glitter lying on the "surface" of the night sky. It is not related to any particular fandom, but rather something I decided on because of how the night sky often fills me with wonder.

I was drawn towards the .org TLD because I like the way the domain looks aesthetically with both the first and last letter being a G. However, more recently I've started recognizing that .com domains are the most trusted and recognizable, and I also snapped up which redirects to this one. replaced my old fanlisting collectives, and

Current layout

The current layout features a Japanese woman holding a maneki neko up towards a black cat. The picture originally comes from I love how peaceful and simple it looks, so I turned it into a layout using some background patterns from Transparent Textures.

Used scripts

Credit where credit is due: