Midnight Sun

Title: Taiyou no Uta
Written as: タイヨウのうた
Also known as: Midnight Sun, Song to the Sun, The Sun's Song
Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Norihiro Koizumi
Writer: Kenji Bando
Starring: YUI, Takashi Tsukamoto
Release Date: June 16, 2007
Theme Song: "Goodbye Days" by YUI

Story: YUI stars as main character Kaoru Amane, a young girl with a disease that makes her vulnerable to ultraviolet rays of the sun. She sleeps during the day and awakens at night, finding solace in playing her guitar. From afar, she admires a young surfboarder named Koji Fujishiro. The two eventually meet and their affections grow. The film follows their courtship as Kaoru deals with her disease and aspires to have her music published.

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